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The Employment Relations Tribunal



The Employment Relations Tribunal has moved to new premises at level 18, Newton Tower, Sir
William Newton Street, Port Louis since 1st April 2010. The offices of the Tribunal are modern with new facilities such as two hearing rooms (instead of one previously), a large conference room/library, an intranet system for internal communication and an electronic case management system (to be operational shortly), a modern registry where gradually documents and statements of cases are going to be received by e-mail instead of the conventional filing of documents before the Tribunal. The Tribunal has started its operational process of an e–tribunal and the service is free.
Thus, a party can submit his statement of case, supporting documents and make written requests by e-mail provided of course that a copy is sent to the other party. This will be done under the supervision of the IT Security Unit of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology. There is thus no need for parties to be physically present before the Tribunal until the case is fully in shape for hearing or conciliation proceedings. Counsel can also e-mail copies of relevant case law that they intend to use or written submissions subject to prior approval having been obtained for such a course of conduct. Awards of the Tribunal are also available online on the website of the Tribunal ( as soon as they have been published in the Government Gazette. A user can also have access to previous Awards of the Tribunal and of its predecessor, the Permanent Arbitration Tribunal. The cause list of cases fixed before the Tribunal is also available online. A copy of the speech of the President of the Tribunal, Mr. R. Hossen who laid stress on this process of an e-tribunal on the occasion of the launching of the new venue at Newton Tower, is available on our website.  The Tribunal aims at providing an excellent service to its users and will spare no effort to achieve.  Click here.

Its goal of operating at an international standard. This modern seat of the Tribunal is not only a show case of the principles governing the Employment Relations Act but also strengthens the position of Mauritius as a modern and reliable hub in the region for arbitration matters. The process of change has started but the road is long. The Tribunal however is confident that with the support of all stakeholders including Counsel and Solicitors, the Tribunal can meet its goal of excellence in arbitration matters and continue delivering well reasoned, balanced, adequate and innovative Awards which can contribute to foster good industrial relations and at the same time sustained economic growth for the Republic of Mauritius.

Employment Relations Tribunal