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The Employment Relations Tribunal



List of Services
                      Arbitration of labour disputes and the making of awards
          Making of orders in relation to recognition, procedure agreement, check-off  agreement, minimum service and any other issues under the Employment Relations Act. 
§                   Making awards in relation to cases referred to the Employment Promotion and Protection Division. 
          Sitting on appeal in relation to certain decisions of the Commission for Conciliation and Mediation and Registrar of Associations.
Details of Services
                      Acting as arbitrator between parties having to resolve a dispute.
          Settling labour disputes after hearing parties, more especially employer’s and worker’s representatives, and any other witnesses.  Under the Employment Relations Act, a labour dispute
(a)        means  a dispute between a worker, or a recognised trade union of workers, or a joint negotiating panel , and an employer which relates wholly or mainly to wages, terms and conditions of employment, promotion, allocation of work between workers and groups of workers, reinstatement or suspension of employment of a worker;  
(b)        does not, notwithstanding any other enactment, include a dispute by a worker made as a result of the exercise by him of an option to be governed  by the recommendations made in a report of the Pay Research Bureau or a salary commission, by whatever name called, in relation to remuneration or allowances of any kind;
(c)        does not include a dispute that is reported more than 3 years after the act or omission that gave rise to the dispute.
          Applications may be made directly to the Tribunal by trade unions under various provisions of the Employment Relations Act in relation to recognition, revocation of recognition, procedure agreement, unfair labour practice during collective bargaining, check-off agreement, time-off facilities and access to workplace and to information, among others.  
§                  Awards are delivered after hearing parties in relation to their disputes within 90 days as from the day the cases have been referred to the Tribunal (except for the Employment Promotion and Protection Division where it is 30 days) .  It is similar to a Court of Law delivering judgment after hearing parties. 
§                  Cases where an employer has reduced the number of workers in his employment or closed down his enterprise may be referred to the Employment Promotion and Protection Division of the Tribunal and the Tribunal has the power to order the reinstatement of the former worker where applicable or the payment of severance allowance as provided in the Employment Rights Act.
Name of contact person
§                 The Registrar